Cladding Panel System

Fibre Cement

Fibre cement is a mineral composite material with outstanding aesthetic and physical properties.

Our company has led development and innovation of this architectural material for over a century under different brand names such as ‘Eternit’.

Today, EQUITONE facade material are manufactured in state of the art facilities in Germany and Belgium.


Cement, cellulose and mineral materials, reinforced by a visible matrix, nothing else. EQUITONE is a natural composite material that produces authentic personality.


EQUITONE can be produced in very large sheets(up to 3mx1.25m) that are very thin, yet have outstanding physical properties. EQUITIONE is non-combustible (A2 class). EQUITONE has life expectancy exceeding 50 years in the most demanding exterior applications.


Facades constructed with EQUITONE are thin and lightweight, resulting in minimum depletion of raw materials.

The environmental footprint of EQUITONE is fully detailed in the environmental product declarations(EPOs), published on