Data Center Air Flow Solutions

U-Flex Datacenter solutions are successfully fulfilling the requirements of cooling infrastructure that a data center set-up demands. Today’s technology-driven workplaces inclusive of data centers are synonymous with high-density equipment, virtualization and cloud computing strategies. These spaces require cooling infrastructure that can adapt to high and often fluctuating heat loads and simultaneously conserve energy. The complex data center setup too needs a full line of airflow management and in-floor cooling solutions.

U-Flex offers a range in-floor cooling products for data centers that minimize by-pass air and save energy. The directional airflow and variable-air-volume of these products in the data center promptly responds to any difference in utilization. They are also able to match cooling with the heat load at the rack level to provide desirable effects.

You can also avail the reasonably priced and yet effective airflow directed by fans to ease hot spots or implement high-density equipment in current raised floor facilities. A complete range of containment systems and air sealing grommets that cut down by-pass airflow, improve energy efficiency and increase data center capacity .