Network Floor

Features of Network Floor

Easy Cabling

What is important for an access floor system is that the system allows easy installation of cables, re-location of outlets to other places and Installation of additional outlets when making changes to the office layout.

A combination of the Network Floor and in-floor sockets ensures this ease in putting down cables, relocating outlets and installing additional outlets, contributing to reducing costs for office layout change.

Easy cabling is indispensable in spots close to the wall, that being where OA (office-automation) equipment is, in many cases, installed.

Our Network Floor satisfies the needs of easy handling of and easy access to the network cables without the need for tools, in areas close to the wall. Most similar products do not include this feature.

Cabling Capability

Any access floor system should have a cabling capacity that meets the demand for more than one computer terminal per person.

The ample cabling capacity of the Network Floor ensures easy expansion of your OA system whenever needed.

Ample Height for Cabling

An access floor should have ample height for cabling so as to effectively accommodate numerous cables and LAN connectors.

Our Network Floor with its minimum floor height provides ample height for laying cables. The cabling height of Network Floor 40, for example, is equivalent to that of a pedestal type OA floor with a floor height of 70 mm.

Easy and Flexible Installation of Sockets

It should be easy to install sockets anywhere on an access floor without any special tools.

The Network Floor, though made of concrete, is specially designed to be able to be cut with a knife. This makes it possible to install cabling appliances anywhere by cutting the concrete mat, and without blocking cable paths.

Speedy Installation

An important point for an access floor system, particularly in case of renovation, is how speedily it can be installed in one day.

With the Network Floor, it requires only laying mats on the floor. The borders of the mats can be cut with a knife. The required time for installing the Network Floor is only one-third that for a conventional raised floor. Installation at the weekend enables users to begin using the new office on Monday morning.

Cable Separation

The ability to prevent Interference between different kinds of cables is a prerequisite for any access floor system.

The Network Floor features multi-cabling paths that arrange power, telephone and data lines in separate spaces, and is therefore optimized for applications which use non-shielded paired cables such as LAN.

Floor Height

In the construction of new buildings as well as in the renovation of existing buildings, it is important that possible influences on floor height should be minimized.

Network Floor has a floor heiQht as low as 40 mm ( 47mm with carpet tiles), minimizing any oppressive sensation caused by effectively lowering the ceiling.

From the very outset, the gentle slope of the Network Floor does not cause any inconvenience when opening and closing doors of already existing fixed cabinets.


There are times when access floors are required to be relatively light in weight to minimize the floor load of the building.

Network Floor, which has a weight of 30 kg/rri (type “40”) or 33 kg/rri (type “40Plus”), is the most lightweight of any concrete access floor.

Walking Comfort

Access floors shouldn’t shake or make hollow sounds, and should make people feel as though they were walking on an ordinary floor.

Network Floor’s expert construction allows the flexible concrete mat to be fitted perfectly to the floor surface. In making people feel like they are walking on an ordinary floor, it is superior to any other raised floor. In addition, the Network Floor is quite free from shaking and squeaking sounds resulting from aging floor slabs and moving wiring, as is the case with most raised floors.

Selected and Recognizedb by Public Agencies

Public agencies’ approval is important. This assures users of the product’s reliability and safety.

Only Network Floor, among other similar products, has won both the Good Design Award sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry, due to its superior design and function as an access floor system, and the 1st prize in the Japanese Intelligence Award sponsored by the Ministry of Constru ction. In addition, Network Floor has been certified by the Public Buildings Association that administers the criteria used for public buildings in Japan.

An Excellent Reputation

For users to select an access floor with confidence, the product’s actual installation record is an important point.

Network Floor’s installation record has exceeded 13,000,000ni (as of Sep. 2016 ): an outstanding figure compared with that of other raised floors.

Testing And Evaluation Methods

Resistance to Concentrated Load

Network Floor was measured for strength by applying a concent rated load of a specified value per 50mm diameter to the center of the concrete mat and of the cable path cover. The cable path cover’s resistance to concentrated load is 5000N (51 Okgf). Therefore, in case of four-legged office furniture or equipment, Network Floor can withstand a load of 2,040 kgf (510 kgf X 4 legs).

Resistance to Dynamic Load

Network Floor was tested for dynamic load in actual conditions, laid over with carpet tiles, for situations where heavy furniture such as wheeled chair, computer, cart or carrier actually moves over it. Using a cart, a load of 75kg/wheel (i.e. with four wheels, a total load of 300kg) was applied to the Network Floor. In this case, it can withstand 250,000 passages of the cart on the same track. Using a chair, a load of 20kg/wheel (i.e. with four wheels, a total load of 80kg: allowing for the weight of a person seated on it) was applied to Network Floor. In this case, it can withstand 1,000,000 passages of the chair on the same track.

Flame Resistance

As the result of tests conducted by TOV SOD PSB Pte Ltd, the Network Floor is classified as Class 2 according to British Standard BS476: Part 4 ( Non-co mbusti blity test for materials).

The concrete mat of the Network Floor, made of a composite material that is a combination of incombustible concrete with a plastic surface material, has a flame resistance equal to or higher than the values of conventional concrete floors surfaced with plastic tiles. Therefore, Network Floor can be used with confidence for high-rise buildings. In addition, Network Floor prevents cables from being burned by the spread of fire thanks to the insufficiency of oxygen supply

Impact Strength

Impact strength was tested by applying an impact load to the center of the Network Floor’s conc rete mat and cable path cover under actua l condit ions with the carpet ti les laid over it equivalent to a person jumping down from the top of the desk, or to office equipment falling onto the Network Floor.

(1) a 30kg sand bag falling naturally from a height of 0.25m. In both cases, the Network Floor showed no change in load resistance, proving that it can sufficiently withstand impact.

Vibration and Impact Strength

With a mobile library placed on Network Floor, it was measured for resilience against the vibrations and shocks generated by the movement and stopping of the library. The mobile library was moved back and forth on rails simply laid on the surface of the Floor with a maximum allowable live load of 2 tons, at a speed of 10 seconds per cycle of forward and backward movement. In such a case the Network Floor can withstand 250,000 passages of forward and backward movement of the library. This figure proves that the Network Floor possesses sufficient strength for a service life of 50 years, assuming that one year is 250 days and 20 daily passages of forward and backward movement of the library.