Features of Network Floor

Easy Cabling

What is important for an access floor system is that the system allows easy installation of cables, re-location of outlets to other places and Installation of additional outlets when making changes to the office layout.

A combination of the Network Floor and in-floor sockets ensures this ease in putting down cables, relocating outlets and installing additional outlets, contributing to reducing costs for office layout change.

Easy Cabling

Easy cabling is indispensable in spots close to the wall, that being where OA (office-automation) equipment is, in many cases, installed.

Our Network Floor satisfies the needs of easy handling of and easy access to the network cables without the need for tools, in areas close to the wall. Most similar products do not include this feature.

Cabling Capability

Any access floor system should have a cabling capacity that meets the demand for more than one computer terminal per person.

The ample cabling capacity of the Network Floor ensures easy expansion of your OA system whenever needed.

Ample Height for Cabling

An access floor should have ample height for cabling so as to effectively accommodate numerous cables and LAN connectors.

Our Network Floor with its minimum floor height provides ample height for laying cables. The cabling height of Network Floor 40, for example, is equivalent to that of a pedestal type OA floor with a floor height of 70 mm.

Easy and Flexible Installation of Sockets

It should be easy to install sockets anywhere on an access floor without any special tools.

The Network Floor, though made of concrete, is specially designed to be able to be cut with a knife. This makes it possible to install cabling appliances anywhere by cutting the concrete mat, and without blocking cable paths.

Speedy Installation

An important point for an access floor system, particularly in case of renovation, is how speedily it can be installed in one day.

With the Network Floor, it requires only laying mats on the floor. The borders of the mats can be cut with a knife. The required time for installing the Network Floor is only one-third that for a conventional raised floor. Installation at the weekend enables users to begin using the new office on Monday morning.